1.  Support in financial management: 


We can support our clients by providing the best accounting and financial practices, designed to better ensure success for our SME's and our community groups.  This support can include: 

  • Organizational diagnostics, to identify the client's needs in governance, finances and accounting 

  • Workshops in financial and accounting principals 

  • Implementation  of simple and practical accounting systems 

  • Developing models for forecasting, analysing and managing risks 

  • Etc ... 


2.  Support with entrepreneurial concepts 


ECED strives to promote innovative projects whose objectives are the launching of new businesses and job creation, by personalised mentoring and the development of entrepreneurial skills, through: 

  • Coaching and business follow-up services 

  • Support in the writing of business plans and feasibility studies  

  • Improving leadership and business management skills 

  • Setting up and maintaining business networks 

  • Searches for financing 

  • Referrals to specialised support services, such an in importing and exporting, technological development, or to services provided by SME's or organisations such as regional development co-operatives 

  • Support in identifying potential partners, so necessary in achieving success. 


3.  Support in good business governance 


  • Organisational diagnostics to assist community organisations or businesses in identifying their level of readiness 

  • Development of an action plans likely to lead the group or entrepreneur to the next level:  an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, and the required steps to move their project ahead 

  • Development of integrity standards 

  • Best practices in risk management 

  • Etc ...