The Enterprise for Community and Economic Development (ECED) is an organisation of committed professionals, dedicated to help support groups and communities trying to resolve issues through the introduction of social and economic projects.  We believe that it is only with the creation of community infrastructures, stable and profitable economic endeavours, controlled and directed by local participants, that the intended goals and objectives can be achieved.  Through training and technical support we can : 

  • Encourage local community participation by strengthening competencies and help adapt projects to local situations. 

  • Train the local trainers to help them support local initiatives. 

  • Make communities and individuals more aware of the potential of social enterprise ventures as a possible solution for economic and social situations. 

  • Encourage the development of business ventures on the international level. 


We specialise in technical support for groups or individuals wishing to exploit the advantages of creating co-operatives or social enterprises, for the purpose setting up businesses offering products or services for a local or an international clientele.